• Effective search is a crucial feature for people using a screen reader.
  • Many people will use their screen reader shortcuts to immediately find a search form, rather than navigate your elaborate navigation structure.


  • Yes, it must have a submit button
  • The search button can visually appear on the left or right, but it must be focused after the input field.
  • The enter key also submits the search
  • A visible label is not required if the context and placement of the search form is conventional enough to be easily understood

Working examples

  • This example search form includes autocomplete.
  • It is discoverable as a search form landmark with screen reader shortcuts.
  • form role="search" for the search form wrapper
  • aria-label="Search this site" for the search input field; give some context to the scope of the search
  • role="button" aria-label="Search" for the search submit button

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