Developer notes

Validate your code

Use HTML validation as the foundation for ensuring your page works for everyone.

Code examples

Declare a language

This affects the screenreader pronunciation.

<html lang="en">

Give your page a unique title

  • Each page must have unique <title> in the <head>
    • This includes single page dynamic apps if the URI changes during the user journey
  • Do not use the | pipe character as a divider (it is read by screen readers)
  <title>Page title - Website title</title>

Ensure users can zoom in

People with low vision need the ability to enlarge the page on mobile and desktop.

  <meta name="viewport" 

Structure your page with landmarks

Landmarks give structure to the page for the screenreader user to be able to navigate the page by major sections.

Each page must include:

  <!-- Contains the site title -->
  <!-- Primary navigation menu-->
  <!-- Main content -->
  <!--  Site map and legal info -->

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